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For the Animals

As a lifelong animal lover, and dedicated vegan, I began my grooming career twenty years ago here in Philadelphia. The idea of supporting myself while also caring for animals became my pride and passion. I always loved taking pictures of my clients.  Over time, I began to grow more of an interest in learning more about photography so that I could take even better pictures of my furry friends. This has morphed into a passion for photography of all kinds. 

This site is used as a portfolio for my grooming and photography work as well as a way to book a grooming appointment, pet sitting arraignment, or pet photography session for your pet. 

Thank you for stopping by! 


Stephanie Cozart- Burton 

There are no words to express how deeply I love Marisa and the care she shows my fur babies. Her meticulous work is unmatched and her tender expression in communication with them makes grooming a joy. I’ve gone through 3 groomers now trying to match her work and they don’t come close. I’m devastated that she moved away. If I ever hit the lottery, my first indulgence will be a monthly charter from California to bring my pups to Pennsylvania for grooming with their angel again. We had no idea how spoiled with the very best we were. If you are lucky enough to grab a spot on her schedule- take it!!

Darren Edwards 

Marisa was the best groomer my dogs ever had! We were so sad to see her leave Los Angeles. Marisa is the biggest animal lover in the world, and is so gentle. My dogs never once got a nick or a graze from her grooming, and they always looked incredible. I honestly couldnt recommended her enough. Now she will be the best groomer in Philly. Lucky dogs of Philly!

Parker Guariglia

Marisa was the best groomer - she would take both dogs at once and was the only groomer we ever had that the dogs were excited to see 🥹. She gave them the cutest hair cuts and took the best care of them.
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